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WHERE IS THE DIALOGUE?:The End of The Incandescent Light Bulb & It’s Impact on The Theater

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Has anyone in the American Theater Community begun the cry against -or begin the public grieving process for- The End of the Incandescent Light Bulb! American light blub manufacturer’s have already stopped production! What ever is left out there is all there is! The issue of mercury poisoning for accidental breakage or improper disposal is not even part of the dialogue, nor is the true energy-drain picture of our power hungry home appliances, home computers, printers, etc, not to mention what this change means to THEATRICAL LIGHTING DESIGN!

There is indeed a curious sociological question about how this will impact our ideas of beauty, but much that is less “interesting” to me than the desire to preserve the choices we have, and this brings me to the insult to injury component of my anxiety which is that preserving my right to choose as a consumer aligns me with -heaven forfend) Michelle Bachmann!

I have read that the push for this ban is ultimately being spearheaded not by the energy-commission but by the manufacturers who see a profit margin in being able to sell bulbs for $10 per piece rather than .60¢ I would love to hear from stage designers in all areas and at all levels of production about how they are preparing for this?

Does Bloomberg realize how this will impact one of NYC biggest tourist producing revenues: The Broadway Shows? Is there a dialogue going on somewhere? –Anyone? I am posting on my blog, FB page and the American Theater Magazine FB Page.


Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Dear GF&CO Friends, Family, & Supporters of The Arts:

It has been an exceptionally productive and rewarding summer! I was granted an opportunity for a month-long solo work retreat where I had the space and time to devote to developing new projects, ongoing projects, and to building the artistic vision of GF&CO, a company with enormous potential with an ensemble of talented and committed actors that I am honored to work with.
To this end, let me share with you the following GF&CO Company Member activities:

  • Company Member, Jennifer Lim, has recently begun rehearsals for the Broadway transfer of Chinglish from the Goodman Theatre in Chicago to the Longacre Theatre here in NYC, a role for which she was recently nominated for best Actress in a Principal Role for the 2011 Chicago Jeff Awards.
  • Company Member, James Chen, has just completed a fantastic run of  The New Testament, by Neil LaBute, as part of 59E59’s “Summer Shorts 5.” James also participated as an actor in the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab.
  • Company Member, Tom Ligon, has just completed a 5-episode shoot for a webseries, The Heart, She Holler, airing on Adult starting in November, written and directed by Vernon Chatman and John Lee, of  “Delocated” fame.
  • Company Member, Marcus Ho, begins rehearsals in late October in the role of “Sir Andrew Aguecheek” in Twelfth Night with Leviathan Lab running in NYC starting early November.
  • I, myself, am humbled to have been nominated for the 2011 Zelda Fichandler Award which …recognizes an outstanding director or choreographer who is transforming the regional arts landscape through singular creativity and artistry in the theatre. The award heralds accomplishment to date and promise for the future, and artistic vision. I am certain that the list of other nominees includes a list of illustrious and distinguished champions of the theater. I am very honored to be nominated among them.

What we are working on for The Fall:

We are very excited to bring you the Staged Reading of a beautiful and moving new play slated for November 14th.  Reserve seats now for this free event.  More details to follow.
Additionally, we are planning an exclusive December Holiday Party (see details below**), and are looking ahead to our first Main Stage Production in the 2012-2013 season.
And of course we are scheduling our signature Salon Series for April-June 2012. Our Salon Series social gatherings are the building block of the company, where we put OTOA into Action by sharing our lab-like experiments of short plays and scenes within an intimate setting of invited guests, followed by a wine & refreshments reception, and a Talk-Back with The Company as a means of providing a vital and engaging forum for dialogue and the exchange of ideas.  We look forward to continuing the conversation!
Last season, as you may remember, was the first season of GF&CO.   We have already  grown in ways that identify our projected longevity and the importance of OTOA in the history of the performing arts fabric and the theater community at large. I am very fortunate to be working on projects that I am passionate about and in service of what I see as an entirely tangible vision of GF&CO.  I encourage you to become a supporter of this grand endeavor.

With Joy and Inspiration,

Gia Forakis

Artistic Director, GF&CO