GF&CO’s Work-In-Progress Showings of

Please be our guest to attend our
Exclusive, Free Salon Series
where GF&CO Member Actors bring
One-Thought-One-Action™ into ACTION
SALON ONE: April 14 & 15

Our Work-in-Progress Showing of Scenes from
Euripides’ MEDEA
Medea … Ninon Rogers
Creon … Kerry Milliron
Jason … Tony Naumovski *
(*our newest Associate Artist)

SALON TWO: May 12 & 13

Our Work-in-Progress Showing of Scenes from
Anouilh’s ANTIGONE
Antigone … Jennifer Lim
Ismene … Katrina Foy
Creon … Ed Herbstman
Haemon … Adam Boncz

SALON THREE: June 9 & 10

A Noir Rendering of Our Work-in-Progress Showing of Scenes from
Sophocles’ OEDIPUS REX
Oedipus … Marcus Ho
Tiresias … Tom Ligon
Creon … Adam Boncz
Jocasta … Danielle Delgado
Messenger … Kerry Milliron
Saturday Curtain: 7:00PM- Doors Open: 6:30PM
Sunday Curtain: 4:00PM- Doors Open: 3:30PM

Location: Java Hauz, 169 Java Street
Greenpoint Brooklyn, New York
“G” Train to Greenpoint Ave- Exit India Street, Walk One Block

FREE Admission. Limited Seating
For Reservations Please Email:
Subject Header: “Salon Reservations”
Reserve your seats now!
Dear Friends of GF&CO:

It has been four months since our wonderfully successful Staged Reading Event of Love in Space-Time in November 2011. Since that time, a lot has been in the works. Our Company Members have been busy performing regionally and on Broadway, appearing on television and in films, and much more.

Recently, I was very proud to have directed the critically-acclaimed run of the original, multi-media opera, Song from the Uproar, composed by Missy Mazzoli, and performed at the Kitchen in NYC. Now, I am eager to share with you our very exciting and super ambitious SALON SEASON 2012!

GF&CO’s Work-in-Progress Showings of THE GREEKS!!

As some of you already know GF&CO’s Signature Salon Season are exclusive, invitation only, free events where GF&CO Member Actors put the unique and revolutionary performance technique, One-Thought-One-Action™, into ACTION. The Salons give us an opportunity to share our ongoing development and application of the technique while exploring and experimenting with various texts in an intimate social setting, followed by wine, light refreshments, and stimulating dialogue between our guests and our Company Members.

The idea of an entire Salon Season devoted to exploring scenes from The Greeks was actually suggested to me by one of GF&CO’s devoted patrons who knew of my current ongoing directorial investigation of Oedipus Rex with NYC theater company, Extant Arts. The minute this particular theme-driven Salon Season was recommended to me I knew the idea it was an excellent way to frame our second Salon Series!

To this end, I am framing our explorations as an investigation into the origins of the original “femme fatales” of the theater. With the combination of GF&CO’s ensemble of superlative OTOA trained (and training) actors, plus scenes from three well known Greek tragedies, and our unique lab-like Salon environment, I am certain that our experiments in these ancient Hellenic Myths will be something you won’t want to miss!

The first Salon, April 14 & 15, is just around the corner! With space limited to 35 people per evening, it’s never too soon to reserve your seat(s).

Let us welcome you to Java Hauz in this, our second Salon Season. As always, we invite you to share in the conversation as we endeavor to keep theater relevant in the 21st century!

With Joy & Inspiration!

Gia Forakis
Artistic Director
Re-Envisioning Theater, One Thought and One Action at a Time

In case you missed Song from the Uproar,
below you will find a few of the accolades we received
which I am pleased to be able to share with you.

“..director Gia Forakis’s fluid, gently hieratic choreography … contributes to the magic of this extraordinary piece, a paean to a woman whose indomitable spirit sings on, even in death.”
– Time Out New York, By Marion Lignana Rosenberg (full article here)

“The emotional efficacy and irresistible magnetism of Ms. Fischer’s performance and in the electric surge of Ms. Mazzoli’s score you felt the joy, risk and limitless potential of free spirits unbound.”
– The New York Times, By Steve Smith (full article here)

“Powerful and New…. Gia Forakis’ ingenious multimedia staging was built on stylized gesture, incorporating soft-focus black-and-white films by Stephen Taylor that suggested the inner and outer lives of the protagonist without being prescriptive.”
– The Wall Street Journal, By Heidi Waleson (full article here)

“Director Gia Forakis deserves the highest praise for her work. She and her team conceived and choreographed a stunning artwork of sight and sound that worked extremely well the intimate space of The Kitchen, but would not feel out of place on a larger stage as well.
Song from the Uproar is a thrilling drama that deserves to be performed many more times in the future.”
– I Care If You By Lauren Alfano (full article here)

“Mezzo-soprano Abigail Fischer… uses the repetitions of musical lines and choreographed movement (courtesy of director Gia Forakis) as a means of understanding her character’s own state of being, the way a burgeoning reader would sound out the same word until it clicked in their head… a cool 75 minutes that packs a Ring–worthy punch… a meticulously maintained Versailles of abstraction and atmosphere.”
– Operavore, By Olivia Giovetti (full article here)



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What is GF&CO?

GF&CO is a collective of theater artists committed to the exploration, experimentation and application of One-Thought-One-Action™ in ACTION under the Artistic Direction of Auteur Director and Theater Artist, Gia Forakis, founder and teacher of the acting and directing technique, One-Thought-One-Action™.

Our Commitment is to the application of One-Thought-One-Action™ in ACTION (OTOA™ in ACTION) via the staging and re-imagining of both old and modern classical texts in pursuit of their contemporary relevance, as well as to the creation of original adaptations and company-generated new work while exploring new avenues in form and style towards the creation of a vivid, highly detailed, physically engaging approach to story-telling.
What is One-Thought-One-Action™?

One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)TM is an acting and directing technique developed by New York director and acting coach, Gia Forakis, as a method for identifying smaller increments of thought as smaller moments of physical action.

OTOA Two-Day Intensive
June 23rd and 24th
Time and Location: TBD
Attendance on BOTH days in Mandatory

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What is a SALON?
The Salon Series is a Social Gathering designed to foster a nourishing environment for the experimentation of OTOA™ in ACTION via lab-like, theatrical stagings within an informal, intimate setting. Each Salon is followed by a wine & refreshments reception, and a Talk-Back with The Company as a means of providing a vital and engaging forum for dialogue and the exchange of ideas as we endeavor to build a lasting community of invested audience members for GF&CO.
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Re-Envisioning Theater, One Thought and One Action at a Time.
Gia Forakis
Artistic Director

Katrina Foy
Producing Director

Ninon Rogers
Managing Director
Company Members 2012
Adam Boncz
Danielle Delgado
Katrina Foy
Ed Herbstman
Marcus Ho
Tom Ligon
Jennifer Lim
Kerry Milliron
Ninon Rogers
Affiliated Members
Ümit Celebi
James Chen
Juju Stulbach
Associate Artists
Tony Naumovski
Riley Teahan
Production Intern
Maria Galuppo
Java Hauz, 169 Java St Brooklyn, New York 1 1 2 2 2

Ph: 917.687.4116


Java Hauz
169 Java Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

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