SALON TWO 2012: ANTIGONE. Original Artwork by, Marlee Koenigsberg ©2012

Another remarkable weekend as we wrapped up our SALON TWO
work-in-progress GREEK-NOIR presentation of scenes from Jean Anouilh’s ANTIGONE.
What our Guests were saying:

“Your Greek-Noir mash-up illuminated the text for me!
It was as if I’d never heard the play before! ”
“I want to see the entire play done this way. ”
“Your Salons are a wonderful forum. I loved it.”
“I am so glad I came to see this. I want to see your next Greek-Noir of Oedipus.”

Up Next: The final installment in our 2012 Salon Season of experiments
with our newly coined genre of GREEK-NOIR
Salon Three, June 9 & 10
will be our work-in-progress presentation of scenes from
Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex

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