Happy Holidays

The most beautiful thing we can give the world is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science ~ Albert Einstein

Season’s Greetings Everyone

May your New Year be filled with Vibrant Health, an Inspired Heart, and the Profound Beauty of The Mysterious!

~Looking Ahead into The New Year~

As I write this, December has only just begun but visions of 2014 are keeping me up at night with the excitement and the anticipated delights of creativity, opportunity and the blessings of: colleagueship, patronage, support, faithful friends and artistic collaboration!

What is all the excitement? Well…

In 2014, GF&CO (Gia Forakis & Company) heads into its fourth year (that was fast…?!)  with a roster of dedicated and talented, OTOA trained, professional theater artists, a full list of projects in development and with a calendar of production dates in sight (see below for details).

IN 2014, OTOA (One-Thought-One-Action) begins its 8th year (–what?!?) since I began to formalize OTOA as a valued rehearsal and performance technique. And its been 5 years since I began leading independent workshops here in NYC.  In the last two years, OTOA has slowly gained a broader awareness, and I have been invited to lead workshops in Europe twice, with more invitations in 2014, both nationally and internationally, that look very promising (see below for details).

In 2014, GF&CO & OTOA HQ at 276 Greenpoint Avenue, in Greenpoint Brooklyn, will begin its second year as our office and home base: a productive and very welcome work space for keeping all the proverbial balls juggling in the air!  With and Excess of Gratitude to GF&CO’s generous patrons who make this space possible!

And 2014 begins yet another new enterprise: Boncz-Forakis Projects. BFP is the independent production team of Adam Boncz (Actor, Producer & GF&CO Founding Member) and myself. Adam and I decided to join forces as a way to share our curatorial interests as well as a forum for producing new projects that we are inspired by and committed to sharing with new audiences. Our very first Boncz-Forakis Project

BFP Presents
The Internationally Acclaimed Production of


A One-Woman Show, Written & Performed
by Nina Sallinen



~Seating Limited to 30 people per night~

About POOR POOR LEAR & Finnish Actress Nina Sallinen:

I met Nina, and saw her exquisite production and performance of Poor Poor Lear, when I was in Macedonia this past Summer (2013), where I was hosted by the National Theater of Bitola, to lead an OTOA Workshop as part of their First Annual Shakespeare Festival.

Her performance, and her adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear, was so moving, so intelligent, so creative that I wished I had created it or performed it, or directed it myself! Nina’s performance embodied, for me, the attributes of OTOA: actively engaging us, the audience, in her Physical Expression of the Actor’s/Character’s Thinking Process. Additionally, she got to the core of the stoy of Lear that interests me the most– the adult children of an aging parent (what GF&CO’s will be working to create in our LEAR Project 2015).    Finally, watching Poor Poor Lear, I experienced one of those rare moments which reminds you of what it is you love about theater: when it hits you so deeply that you are elated and awakened, connected to the universe and to your sense of self in a way that reminds you of your essential self– that’s the magic of theater!

And– it doesn’t stop here, There is more in store for 2014.

Here is just a small sampling with details to come in the months ahead…

~Gia Forakis & Company 2014~

GF&CO’s Co-Production’s:

Fatelessness, NYC & HUNGARY (more information to come)

Helver’s Night, NYC & MACEDONIA (more information to come)

GF&CO’s Very Exciting, Very First, Full Main Stage Production:

O.REX: a new translation of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex,                                                                  translated by Mark Buchan & Gia Forakis, re-envisioned as a Greek-Noir Classic

A site-specific production, with original music and song, that will immerse you in the world of a plague-torn country locked in deceit, moral ambiguity, and the fine lines between private actions have public consequences.

GF&CO’s Open Door Invitation:

GF&CO is expanding its Associate Member Roster of Professional Theater Artists. Open Door Invitation is designed for actors interested in possibly becoming new GF&CO Associate Members Artists and/or possible O.REX Understudies. From JAN -JUNE 2014, GF&CO will be meeting one weekend each month to workshop O.REX and lead company OTOA trainings sessions.  These weekends will be opportunities to work, train and to get to know us alongside of our first main stage project (O.REX) over a 6 month period.

For more information– contact me directly at:

GiaForakis@aol.com                                                                                                                          SUBJECT HEADER: GF&CO Open Door

~One-Thought-One-Action 2014~

I am gratified, humbled and very honored to say that OTOA has been growing so popular that I am having trouble squeezing in Workshops in NYC.

So far the 2014 calendar:

OTOA in January– Off Square Theater Company, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

OTOA in June- National Theater of Serbia, Belgrade Serbia

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