GF&CO’s Holiday Party

January 3rd, 2012

GF&CO’s December 10th 2011 Holiday Party Was

A FETE Accompli

(tee hee!)

GF&CO Members & Guest-Patrons enjoyed a delicious home cooked feast, wine, hot cider, tree trimming, and the live and original bossa nova stylings from members of the bands Mosquitoes and Undersea Poem plus a live concert piano performance of a Bach Prelude by Phyllis Yampolsky.

We would like to extend our thanks to all who attended and to our generous donors.

GF&CO’s 2011 Autumn Event

December 31st, 2011

Dear Friends of GF&CO:

You are incredible!  Thank you for turning out in such large numbers for GF&CO’s 2011 Autumn Event–our “Coming Out Party” in Manhattan!

This past Monday, November 14th, we welcomed a full house of 130 guests to the beautiful Dance New Amsterdam space in downtown Manhattan.

We began the evening with the unveiling of GF&CO’s Promotional Video, expertly shot and edited by Company Member, Adam Boncz, with the editing assistance of Company Member, Marcus Ho, and Production Support by GF&CO Supporter, Stephanie Shayne.

We followed with the Staged Reading of the newest draft of the play, Love in Space-Time: A Re-Memory in Twelve Scenes, featuring Company Members, Jennifer Lim, Tom Ligon, Marcus Ho, and Ümit Celebi.  I am pleased to announce its consideration as GF&CO’s first Mainstage Production in the 2012-2013 Season.

We ended the evening with a delicious Catered Reception, provided by The Garden Food Market in our very own Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  This gave us an opportunity to mingle with our guests and guests a chance to mingle with Company Members and discuss GF&CO’s past, present, and future projects.

In case you missed the event, here are some of the things a few of our Guests had to say:

“…a large audience base abuzz with excitement about the company and work. [The play is] fascinating and moving… [It will be] beautiful and intriguing as a fully staged and designed piece. I can’t wait to see what you do next!”- Anna Jones

“I loved the play… did I say how much I loved the play?!” -Sara Lampert Hoover

“By means of your manifestation of art and warmth of heart you assured all in the space, artists, staff, present supporters and potential benefactors that they mattered. It’s precisely how such an event should be structured and executed, and I was privileged to be there. I celebrate your re-envisioning of theatre, one thought and one action at a time. All blessings as the journey courses surely forward.” – Jack Sharkey

“Huge congratulations for an amazing evening! … The reading really touched me” -Rebecca Babcock Bradley

“It is an exquisitely beautiful play. I can’t wait to see Love in Space-Time fully produced.” -Kim Weild

“Forakis! How amazing and inspiring and courageous the whole thing: the company, OTOA, the play, the event! What balls!… It takes balls to have balls!” -Kara-Lynn Vaeni

“The entire event was an example of what high standards look like; high quality, and the definition of professionalism! There was real content, real conversation and all of it expertly orchestrated with a sense of style and sophistication.” -Eugene Andrews

“… how FABULOUS the whole event was – from start to finish… the play – OMG …where to even begin? I feel like the play opened up the inside of one tiny blossom in a sea of blossoms and just kept us diving in deeper and deeper… the flower, the heart that kept revealing itself and all it’s capacities… [A] deeply personal yet completely universal journey. So important. Thank you.” -Meg Agnew

GF&CO’s Fall Eevnt!

October 26th, 2011

A Staged Reading of a New Play

Original Art Work by Peter Forakis ©2002

Love in Space-Time:

A Re-Memory in 12 Scenes

A play written by Gia Forakis

Featuring GF&CO Members:

Tom Ligon*, Jennifer Lim*, Marcus Ho*, Ümit Celebi*

If love is an experience of space in time, and if time exists only as memory in a continuum forever curving back onto itself, then our love stories never die and lost loves are forever alive. Love In Space Time is a journey, an elegy, a poem, and a story of one woman’s passage through the corridors of the heart.


Monday, November 14th, 2011

Doors Open at 6:30, Reading at 7:00 pm

280 Broadway, 2nd Floor

(Please Note: Entrance on Chambers Street)

New York, New York


DNA is approximately a Two Block Walk from

A, C, E: to Chambers Street / N, R: to City Hall / 2, 3 to Park Place / 4, 5, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge

For Reservations Email:
*Actors Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association
**Original Art Work by Peter Forakis ©2002

WHERE IS THE DIALOGUE?:The End of The Incandescent Light Bulb & It’s Impact on The Theater

September 24th, 2011

Has anyone in the American Theater Community begun the cry against -or begin the public grieving process for- The End of the Incandescent Light Bulb! American light blub manufacturer’s have already stopped production! What ever is left out there is all there is! The issue of mercury poisoning for accidental breakage or improper disposal is not even part of the dialogue, nor is the true energy-drain picture of our power hungry home appliances, home computers, printers, etc, not to mention what this change means to THEATRICAL LIGHTING DESIGN!

There is indeed a curious sociological question about how this will impact our ideas of beauty, but much that is less “interesting” to me than the desire to preserve the choices we have, and this brings me to the insult to injury component of my anxiety which is that preserving my right to choose as a consumer aligns me with -heaven forfend) Michelle Bachmann!

I have read that the push for this ban is ultimately being spearheaded not by the energy-commission but by the manufacturers who see a profit margin in being able to sell bulbs for $10 per piece rather than .60¢ I would love to hear from stage designers in all areas and at all levels of production about how they are preparing for this?

Does Bloomberg realize how this will impact one of NYC biggest tourist producing revenues: The Broadway Shows? Is there a dialogue going on somewhere? –Anyone? I am posting on my blog, FB page and the American Theater Magazine FB Page.


September 15th, 2011

Dear GF&CO Friends, Family, & Supporters of The Arts:

It has been an exceptionally productive and rewarding summer! I was granted an opportunity for a month-long solo work retreat where I had the space and time to devote to developing new projects, ongoing projects, and to building the artistic vision of GF&CO, a company with enormous potential with an ensemble of talented and committed actors that I am honored to work with.
To this end, let me share with you the following GF&CO Company Member activities:

  • Company Member, Jennifer Lim, has recently begun rehearsals for the Broadway transfer of Chinglish from the Goodman Theatre in Chicago to the Longacre Theatre here in NYC, a role for which she was recently nominated for best Actress in a Principal Role for the 2011 Chicago Jeff Awards.
  • Company Member, James Chen, has just completed a fantastic run of  The New Testament, by Neil LaBute, as part of 59E59’s “Summer Shorts 5.” James also participated as an actor in the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab.
  • Company Member, Tom Ligon, has just completed a 5-episode shoot for a webseries, The Heart, She Holler, airing on Adult starting in November, written and directed by Vernon Chatman and John Lee, of  “Delocated” fame.
  • Company Member, Marcus Ho, begins rehearsals in late October in the role of “Sir Andrew Aguecheek” in Twelfth Night with Leviathan Lab running in NYC starting early November.
  • I, myself, am humbled to have been nominated for the 2011 Zelda Fichandler Award which …recognizes an outstanding director or choreographer who is transforming the regional arts landscape through singular creativity and artistry in the theatre. The award heralds accomplishment to date and promise for the future, and artistic vision. I am certain that the list of other nominees includes a list of illustrious and distinguished champions of the theater. I am very honored to be nominated among them.

What we are working on for The Fall:

We are very excited to bring you the Staged Reading of a beautiful and moving new play slated for November 14th.  Reserve seats now for this free event.  More details to follow.
Additionally, we are planning an exclusive December Holiday Party (see details below**), and are looking ahead to our first Main Stage Production in the 2012-2013 season.
And of course we are scheduling our signature Salon Series for April-June 2012. Our Salon Series social gatherings are the building block of the company, where we put OTOA into Action by sharing our lab-like experiments of short plays and scenes within an intimate setting of invited guests, followed by a wine & refreshments reception, and a Talk-Back with The Company as a means of providing a vital and engaging forum for dialogue and the exchange of ideas.  We look forward to continuing the conversation!
Last season, as you may remember, was the first season of GF&CO.   We have already  grown in ways that identify our projected longevity and the importance of OTOA in the history of the performing arts fabric and the theater community at large. I am very fortunate to be working on projects that I am passionate about and in service of what I see as an entirely tangible vision of GF&CO.  I encourage you to become a supporter of this grand endeavor.

With Joy and Inspiration,

Gia Forakis

Artistic Director, GF&CO


Queens Ledger Profile: July 21, 2011

July 31st, 2011

Queens Ledger

A Weekly Community Newspaper

Gia Forakis, Theater Artist

by Ying Chan
Jul 21, 2011

For Gia Forakis, art has always been her true calling. Heavily influenced by her parents, both of whom were artists, Forakis entered the theater world as a fledgling actress, performing in the Meredith Monk production of JUICE at Guggenheim Museum in New York City at the age of 7.

Today, Forakis, who received her MFA from the Yale School of Drama in 2004, is the theater director and acting coach of Gia Forakis & Company, a theater company located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where Forakis also resides. Her trademark technique, One-Thought-One-Action, which she founded in 2005 and continues to teach, is inspired by elements in her father’s colossal steel sculptures and her mother’s paintings.

“They influenced me greatly in understanding the artist way of life,” said Forakis, who views her path towards becoming a professional artist as a “natural inclination.”

Read more: Queens Ledger – Gia Forakis Theater Artist

July 16th, 2011







It has been one month since the close of our 2011 Salon Series and our Inaugural Season.  We drew to a close ending on a very high note with a packed Java Hauz weekend and a works-in-progress selection of scenes from Michael Vincent Gazzo’s, A Hatful of Rain, presented in our signature lab-like forum.

It is with tremendous pride and joy that I write to add this extra word of THANKS to all of you who contributed to making our inaugural season a HUGE SUCCESS! Whether or not you were able to attend any of this season’s Salon Series, you are receiving this email because you are part of a network of GF&CO Members who feel you are an essential part of our present and our future.

Our Accomplishments This Season Include:

*GF&CO produced a series of four Salon Social Gatherings over the course of four months through heart-felt support via tax-deductible contributions, donations, and in-kind contributions, ending our season right on target with our budget.

*Through our inaugural project, The Salon Series, we established our Salon format of works-in-progress showings as an integral and essential part of GF&CO’s signature performance fabric for all future seasons.

*Developing an awareness of  GF&CO: a company dedicated to the application of One-Thought-One-Action in ACTIONTM (OTOA in ACTION) via the staging and re-imagining of both old and modern classical texts in pursuit of their contemporary relevance, as well as to the creation of original adaptations and company-generated new work while exploring new avenues in form and style towards the creation of a vivid, highly detailed, physically engaging approach to story-telling.

*Fostering an ongoing dialogue with our patrons, an invested audience and a growing GF&CO Community of supporters.

*Building a vision for the future of GF&CO!

What Our Future Holds :

Although the summer is here, we are actively preparing for a number of short-range projects and events in the remainder of this year:

  • Staged Reading of a new play THE FALL, 2011
  • OTOA Introductory Workshops
  • Advanced OTOA Scene Study Workshop

In addition, we are gearing up to raise funds for our next Salon Series in April-June of 2012, while also looking ahead to our long-range projects, one of which will be our first fully produced main stage production in 2013!!!

Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest without anyone there to hear if it makes a noise, GF&CO would grow silent without your support!

Help us in bringing you our unique Salon Social Gatherings as well as fully produced main stage plays of richly crafted, vividly realized storytelling.  Be a part of this bright moment in building a rewarding future of great theater by making a tax-deductible contribution in support of our rising future and the development of GF&CO.

Making anything of lasting value takes time and high quality resources. True art takes time, craftsmanship and top-notch artisans. GF&CO is dedicated to re-envisioning the “fine art” of theater one thought and one action at a time.

We look forward to sharing the unfolding journey of this mission with you.
With Joy and Inspiration,

Gia Forakis, Artistic DirectorGIA FORAKIS & COMPANY

Re-Envisioning Theater, One Thought and One Action at a Time




~For On-Line Contributions~

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1. Make out your check to THE FIELD

2. Earmark in lower left-hand corner for:


3. Mail Your Check To:



169 Java Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222

If you have any further questions please contact:

Katrina Foy, Managing Director


PHONE: 917.687.4116

You can DOUBLE your Donation! Are you an employee of a U.S. corporation? Most corporations will match their employee’s donations to a 501(c)(3) charity? Ask you employer for details for their submitting a Gift Matching Form. It can mean so much and benefit both GF&CO and your employer!

*GIA FORAKIS & COMPANY is a Sponsored Artist with The Field, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the New York City performing arts community.  Contributions to The Field and earmarked for GIA FORAKIS & COMPANY are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  For more information about The Field contact: The Field, 161 Sixth Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10013, (212) 691-6969, fax: (212 255-2053, A copy of The Field’s latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from The Field or from the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271

April 28th, 2011

GF&CO SALON TWO: April 30 & May 1st 2011




Saturday, April 30th is already FULL

Sunday, May 1st we still have seats available for the 4:00pm showing.

House Opens @ 3:30.

For Information Go To Click

GIA FORAKIS & COMPANY” in the above header

and follow prompts to the “WHAT’S NEXT?” page!
This Salon is shaping up to be a particularly special project and a terrific example of OTOA in ACTION!
See You There!


2011-2012 OVERVIEW

April 6th, 2011

It’s only April 2011 and I am already looking ahead to 2013!

The horizon is FULL of a remarkable selection of Directing Projects interspersed with my on going OTOA Workshops.

Here is an Overview:

APRIL 15 &16:


APRIL – JUNE 2011:

GF&CO SALON SERIES 2011 continues with the opportunity to direct the remarkable members of GF&CO in an original adaptation of Strindberg’s The Stronger (Stronger and Stronger…) April 30 & May 1st; Chekhov’s: The Dangers of Tobacco, A Reluctant Tragic Hero, and Swan Song, May 21 & 22; and we close the season with a final Salon, June 11& 12 TBA

JUNE 17-19:

Staged Reading of Hellman’s Little Foxes, plus a One Day OTOA Introduction Workshop, Burlington, VT

JUNE 25 & 26:


AUGUST 8 -14:

Residency Song From The Uproar an original, multi-Media opera by Missy Mazzoli


*Developmental Reading of Sophocles’ OEDIPUS REX with Extant Arts

*Development of Original One Man Show: Don’t Put Descartes Before The Horse


*GF&CO: LOVE IN SPACE TIME: A Re-memory in 12 Scenes -a staged reading

* Four Week OTOA Scene Study Workshop OTOA WORKSHOP SCHEDULE

OCTOBER 22& 23:



Rehearsals begin for Helman’s Little Foxes, Burlington, VT.


GF&CO Holiday Salon: An Original Adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ Child’s Christmas In Wales


Rehearsals begin for Song From The Uproar an original, multi-Media opera by Missy Mazzoli

JANUARY 2012 –Dates TBA:



Song From The Uproar premiers at The Kitchen, NYC

MARCH 2012 –Dates TBA:


APRIL – JUNE 2012:


JUNE 2012 – Dates TBA:


SEASON 2012 – 2013:

GF&CO’s First Fully Staged Production TBA


March 30th, 2011

The launch of GF&CO and THE SALON SERIES was a GRAND SUCCESS! We began with a showing of Shaw’s HOW HE LIED TO HER HUSBAND, featuring Company Members: Adam Boncz, Danielle Delgado, and Ed Herbstman. The event was described by our Salon Guests as:

“An evening of formal elegance!” — “A joy and a gem of an event!”—      “More Shaw then most Shaw!”—“Better than most theater I PAY to see,  and this was FREE and only a work-in-progress!”—“One-Thought-One-Action in Action makes complete sense!”

We are moving FULL SPEED ahead preparing for

SALON TWO April 30-May 1st : Strindberg’s THE STRONGER (…Stronger and Stronger), an original adaptation of Strindberg’s play “The Stronger”